Real Estates

SKAAH Real Estates with its leadership’s business presence in India since 1970, and also globally involved into various real estates investments and development projects. The leadership has vast experience of more than five decades in the property management, real estates development and investments.

SKAAH Real Estates business is fully committed to make a significant contribution to the smart infrastructure, eco-friendly constructions, clean water and sanitation, focus on affordable living and clean energy, generate productive work force to support the economic growth, play a strategic role in the innovation and build sustainable smart cities and community facilities, and consider climate changes, appropriate use of ecosystem and join the global partnerships for sustainable development.

SKAAH Real Estates development business is specialized in all civil projects and possesses a rich experience in the build, operate and maintenance works. The company has various deveopment models i.e., EPC, BOM, BOT, etc.

SKAAH  Real Estates has developed manufacturing partnerships in the Clean and Green Energy. It is committed to construct Cold Storages and Warehouse facilities to support Supply Chain Logistics businesses. The goal is to create a value to our customers, partners and investors to encourage innovative technologies, and maintain the integrity & high professional standards.

SKAAH Real Estates has its substantial capabilities and portfolio requirements in residential, commercial, hotel, leisure, land banks, mixed use and distressed properties.