About Us

About Us

SKAAH Group is an international business conglomerate head quartered in Switzerland. SKAAH is investing into a wide range of businesses in the areas of Technologies, Real Estates, Industries, and Hospitality Services.

SKAAH Group invests selectively to acquire, hold and manage as well as the sale of its holdings in the domestic and international businesses. Its strategic emphasis is on identifying the optimal opportunities to invest and realize the value from its assets and investments worldwide. It sees a great worth in specialist investment interests and strengthen its portfolio. SKAAH‘s timely, environment friendly and cost-effective solutions not only satisfy customers, but also improve the quality of life for people and the environment. The scope and scale of our aspiration unites skilled resources, efficient managers and service partners. SKAAH works at every scale and, across spectrum of expertise, it can make the connections for each client that best serves their objectives while fulfilling its shared purpose.

SKAAH business activities are planned to expand from domestic market to cover extensive international markets.

SKAAH believes in the principle of constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion.


To become one of the most diverse business group and investment companies, SKAAH is aspiring to develop a strong, cohesive vision to lead the current and future investment strategy.

Its investment strategy is to implement across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of the domestic and international dynamics. SKAAH has an in-depth understanding of the most promising investment opportunities in a variety of sectors including technologies, industries, hospitality services, real estates, and renewable energies.


1. Investment in high performance and leading market opportunities SKAAH believes in the value of market trends and seek opportunities to invest in the world’s best market trends. They know that established products, services, technology and innovations enhance its stable and predictable earnings. Opportunities with recognized industry trends & solutions are more likely to capitalize on the continued globalization and growth in the world economy.

2. Sustainable Investment Strategy – it strives for long-term and sustainable growth, and also seek business opportunities with strong teams that are capable of delivering constant growth and continuous returns. They fully support employees while seeking to be an active investor. These active investment positions will allow SKAAH Group a strategic role in the portfolio of companies.

3. Maximise the Value from AssetsSKAAH is experienced in acquiring and extracting additional value from the assets. It seeks opportunities with the potential to unlock maximum value based on the experience of management team.

4. Focus on Core Strengths – its reputation is achieved through a focus on core growth sectors, where they see the value. Predominantly, these core growth sectors are industries, infra, supply chain logistics, hospitality, real estates, green & clean energy and technologies.

5. Increased Connectivity and Relationships – its management has developed an extensive contact among the government and business leaderships throughout worldwide. These contacts may allow SKAAH to gain the access to positive investment opportunities and create synergies.

6. Ethics and Moral Standards – Considering their global interests and reputation, SKAAH is fully committed to operate at the highest moral standards and ethical values. This common goal is extended to the company’s ever-growing portfolio of investments.