About Us

About Us

SKAAH Group is an international business conglomerate head quartered in Switzerland.  SKAAH is investing into a wide range of businesses in the areas of Real Estates, Industries, Hospitality Services and Innovative Technologies.

Our timely, environment friendly, and cost-effective solutions not only satisfy our customers, but also improve the quality of life for people and the environment. The scope and scale of our aspiration unites skilled resources, efficient managers and service partners. SKAAH works at every scale and, across our spectrum of expertise, we make the connections for each client that best serves their objective while fulfilling our shared purpose.


Our Inspiration

Late Shri V. S. KAVI (15th August 1946 – 8th March 2020) who had an independent business experience in the Real Estate industry and also Philanthropist with Visakha Santiniketan Primary Schools since 1970 in India, co-founded and also served in the Board of the SKAAH company until 2020. His vast experience, core business values and understanding of the market had helped SKAAH Group to plan its strategic goals, objectives and future journey.

During his efficient advisory and guidance, the company had started an aspiring journey since 2015 to become a strategic player in the global market. He was a great philanthropist, self-made leader, teacher and empathic to social responsibility.


Mrs. Haritha KAVIChairman of the SKAAH Group


SKAAH Group believes in UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and constantly drive to     achieve the results through the implementation of our various projects and support activities. The growth, knowledge and our contribution to a better society is part of our core values and we want our organization to obtain a good recognition in the adoption of sustainable development agenda.